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Jasmine Henna Fluff-Ease Review 

So as some of you may have seen, I tried the Jasmine Henna Fluff Ease that I got as a surprise in my chat party order a few weeks ago. For those of you who just want to know if I liked it, I’ll start short and sweet: It was amazing! ***** (5 Stars)

For those of you who want an in depth review, here is why I loved it so much:

How I Used It: Directions say to massage into your scalp and leave for 20 minutes before washing out. I massaged it in, but also applied some to the ends of my hair as well. I put my hair up in a shower cap so it wouldn’t get all over and shopped more more lush online. I intended to leave it in for 20-30 minutes, but it became 45 when there were no dorm showers available. I rinsed it out, then shampooed with Godiva.

The Smell: JHFE smells like sweet jasmine and henna. It is nowhere near as heady as the smell of Lust or even Godiva, but layers well with both. the smell of the jasmine fades after about a day, but the next morning I could still smell the henna and some lingering jasmine. For hours after my shower I would turn my head and catch a whiff of the smell in the air. Its wonderful!

Conditioning: This was the best part! JHFE says it will help with frizz, and though I don’t have frizzy hair, I do have a problem with the frizz you get at the top of your head right at your part. I also have really bad split ends since I need to get my hair trimmed. After washing out the product and blowdrying my hair, the frizz on top was about 10 times better and my split ends had gotten better too! The next morning my hair was still ultra soft, smooth, and silky. Main point: It works amazingly! Bonus points: I didn’t rinse it off my hands after I applied it, and it just soaked in and moisturized my hands as well!

Price and Value: I received a half-size pot in my chat party order as a free gift, but on both the US and UK sites it is only sold as a larger (7.8oz or 220g) size pot. Obviously since mine was free it was well worth the (nonexistent) cost, but for a larger pot it costs about $18-22 depending on which site you choose to shop from. I’m not sure I would use this again for just a regular day, since you would use about a quarter of the pot for each use and that’s a $5 good hair day, but I would definitely use it the day before a special event such as a wedding or other formal event. 

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